Missed call notification

What is NameThatNumber?

NameThatNumber revolutionizes Call Completion in mobile networks by putting a name to the number. Adaffix’s proven technology enriches Call Completion notifications by identifying any caller by personal or business name. It adds the name of the caller to notification SMS and links to a dedicated mobile site containing more details such as the caller’s address.

Missed call notification example:

“1 missed call from +43 123456789“ becomes “1 missed call from JOHN DOE +43 123456789. More about the caller http://….“.

The standard notification SMS would only have displayed the NUMBER of the caller.


NameThatNumber is a hosted service that can be integrated into an operator’s infrastructure within a month. It comes in a carrier grade setup and is integrated between the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) and Call Completion systems such as Comverse’s Who Called, Acision’s Call Driver, Streamwide’s Missed Call Alert, Technotree’s Agility Call Completion, ZTE’s iVAS and Huawei’s Voice Mail System.




Hutchison Drei Austria inks deal with Adaffix to launch NameThatNumber service to Austrian customers

– Hutchison Drei Austria to monetise missed calls via convenient caller identification service increasing ARPU more…

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