User benefit

In today’s fast paced world users expect convenience, security and anything that saves time. Knowing the caller’s name rather than an alien number makes a significant difference. Users see exactly who has called them rather than an anonymous number that resides outside of a customer’s contact book.

NameThatNumber is an in-demand, immediate and easy to use service for the user. Prompting users is not required, they will receive notifications as usual.


Operator benefit

NameThatNumber can be offered to the operator’s entire customer base. It works with any phone supporting SMS, including Internet enabled phones as well as legacy phones.

NameThatNumber empowers operators to provide their customers with a highly relevant value-added service and simultaneously, monetise on Call Completion to grow their top line revenues without an investment.


Best monetization practices

Mobile operators can now monetise on call completion to grow top line revenues.

Operators typically bill the service as an add-on to standard tariffs and call procedure. NameThatNumber is provisioned to the entire customer base and charged at flat fee (e.g. EUR 1 per month) for limitless look-ups, or per query (e.g. EUR 0.30 cent) to reveal any given number identity.