ADAFFIX and De Gule Sider launch advanced Caller-ID app in Denmark

Vienna, June 3rd 2010 – ADAFFIX (, a new intelligent caller ID recognition application for mobile phones, announces the start of its services on the Danish market today. ADAFFIX offers an entirely new service when using a smartphone: when a number is busy or the recipient cannot receive a call, alternative merchants in the same business – such as restaurants or shops – are suggested and made visible on the display of the caller. By using this free software, smartphone users can also see the name of callers which are not in their contacts list on the display of their mobile phone within seconds. ADAFFIX accesses the necessary data to deliver such information through a real-time search in cooperation with its directory partner De Gule Sider ( in Denmark.

ADAFFIX with private calls…
The ADAFFIX application that is available for all relevant smartphone and operating systems offers two prominent functions: with the caller ID recognition function, a number that is not in the user’s contacts list is matched with De Gule Sider and the result is displayed in real time. When the user misses a call, the name and time of the call stays visible on the display – with just one button push users can call back that number easily. Name and number can be added to the contacts list conveniently. For highest user comfort, ADAFFIX automatically runs in the backend of the mobile phone and displays content to the user when appropriate.

… with commercial calls
The second utilization follows the reverse logic: The caller unsuccessfully calls a pharmacy for instance, a pizza delivery service or a craftsman and receives additional data of the recipient such as other mobile or fixed line phone numbers. Furthermore, three alternative companies are displayed which are located within direct geographical vicinity of the dialed phone number. If a user dials a number of a plumber in Copenhagen and can’t reach the company because the line is busy, ADAFFIX will show additional contact information as well as three other plumbers nearby within seconds. Another call is initiated simply by pushing a button, contact details of companies can also be added to the contacts list on the mobile phone.

“De Gule Sider is Denmark’s largest mobile search engine. Offering ADAFFIX to mobile users is a natural extension to our mobile strategy. It is free to the user and we expect that a lot of smartphone users will use this new convenient application” says Carsten Kjems Falk.

“After our successful market launches in Germany and Austria last year we are very pleased to launch in Denmark together with De Gule Sider A/S. As ADAFFIX has two Danish co-founders Denmark has long been on top of our roll-out list. As smartphones are very popular in Denmark we believe that we can help a lot of users to get an even better experience on their smartphones” says Mathias Schroeder, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of adaffix.

Free application for smartphones
The application is free to the user. It runs on Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Samsung and SonyEricsson phones that support one of the following mobile operating systems: Android, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian S60 or Windows Mobile.

On users can check if the application is available for a certain type of smartphone. ADAFFIX works with every mobile network in Denmark.

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About adaffix
adaffix (adaffix GmbH) was founded in 2009 in Vienna. The start-up, with a clear international emphasis, focuses on the development of mobile telecommunications services. adaffix is a „Call 3.0 company“ primarily dealing with “calling” and “being called” in all daily circumstances. Calls are being enriched with real-time information. Learn more about adaffix at

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