ADAFFIX announces innovative caller ID recognition for cellphones at ILM:09

Application suggests alternative merchants if businesses do not answer

Los Angeles, December 9th 2009 – ADAFFIX (, a new intelligent caller ID recognition application for cellphones, announces the start of its services on the German market today at the Interactive Local Media 2009 (ILM:09). ADAFFIX offers an entirely new service when using a Smartphone: when a number is busy or the recipient cannot receive a call, professional alternatives in the same business – such as restaurants or shops – are suggested and made visible on the display of the caller. By using this free software, Smartphone users can also see the name of unknown callers on the display of their cellphone within seconds. ADAFFIX accesses the necessary data to deliver such information through a real-time search with local partners ( for Germany).

“We are a “Call 3.0”-Company. With our service we enrich calls that were worthless up till now – like an unknown number or a busy line – and add extra value for the user”, explains Claudia Poepperl, founder and CEO of the ADAFFIX parent company adaffix.

ADAFFIX with private calls…
The ADAFFIX application that is available for all relevant Smartphone and operating systems offers two prominent functions: with the caller ID recognition function, the unknown number is matched with and the result is displayed in real time. When the user misses a call, the name and time of the call stays visible on the display – with just one button push users can call back that number easily. Name and number can be added to the contacts on the phone conveniently. For highest user comfort, ADAFFIX runs in the backend of the cellphone automatically without shortening the battery run time considerably.

… with commercial calls
The second utilization follows the reverse logic: The caller unsuccessfully calls a pharmacy for instance, a pizza delivery service or a craftsman and receives additional data of the recipient such as other mobile or fixed line phone numbers. Furthermore, three alternative companies are displayed which are located within direct geographical vicinity of the dialed phone number. “So, if you dial a number of a plumber in West Berlin and can’t reach the company because the line is busy, ADAFFIX will show additional contact info as well as three other plumbers nearby within seconds”, adds Poepperl. Another call is operated simply by pushing a button, contact details of companies can also be added to the personal phone book.

The free service was developed for Smartphones and operates on Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Samsung and SonyEricsson phones that are supported by one of the following operating systems: Android, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian S60 or Windows Mobile. An iPhone app will also be available shortly.

On users can check if the application is available for a certain type of Smartphone. ADAFFIX works in every mobile network worldwide.

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ADAFFIX ( is a product, developed by adaffix GmbH, with it’s head office in Vienna.
The Start-up company with international orientation is engaging into developing of telecommunication services. adaffix is a „Call 3.0 Company“ that deals with all daily aspects connected to „making a call“ and „receiving a call“. Calls are being enhanced with additional information in real-time. IT2media (, leading German IT-Specialist for conception, development, handling and maintenance of media optimized directories and information retrieval systems is strategic partner of ADAFFIX.

Media Contact ADAFFIX:
Bernhard Lehner
Phone: +43 664 439 86 09

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