NameThatNumber revolutionizes Call Completion in mobile networks by putting a name to the number. Adaffix’s proven technology enriches Call Completion notifications by identifying any caller by personal or business name.

What are the benefits?

NameThatNumber can be offered to the operator’s entire customer base. It works with any phone supporting SMS, including Internet enabled phones as well as legacy phones.

Orange Case Study

Orange was the third largest mobile operator in Austria. It had 2.3 million subscribers, 1 million are postpaid customers, the rest are prepaid and MVNO customers.

About adaffix

Adaffix GmbH is a technology company, which develops and supplies caller identification solutions for mobile network operators.  We specialize in enhancing existing call completion systems by identifying any caller by their personal or business name and adding the name of the caller to the notification message.

Adaffix’ patent pending technology platform NameThatNumber has received multiple industry awards including the prestigious GSMA Award 2010.

Adaffix was founded in 2009 and is privately held with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.