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adaffix launches in the USA

Vienna, July 7th 2010 – The award-winning mobile application adaffix ( announces its launch in the U.S. market today. adaffix enriches the call experience by adding relevant content to calls in real-time. The innovative application instantly suggests businesses nearby if the user cannot reach a business on the phone. It also automatically displays the caller name if the caller is not in the user’s contacts list. adaffix accesses the necessary data to deliver such information through a real-time search in cooperation with Yellowbook ( in the U.S..

The first of the two main functions of adaffix is Auto Suggest. It makes it easier for a caller to get in touch with a business. For instance if a user dials a number of a plumber in Boston and the company is not available to take the call, adaffix will show additional contact information as well as three other plumbers nearby within seconds. Another call is initiated simply by pushing a button; contact details of companies can also be added to the contacts list on the mobile phone.

The second main function is Caller Lookup. It enables the number of an incoming call that is not in the user’s contacts list to get matched with Yellowbook data. The name of the caller is then displayed as the phone rings. When the user misses a call, the name and time of the call are shown on the display – with just one push of a button users can easily call back. Name and number can also be added to the contacts list by a simple button click. In addition, adaffix provides enhanced caller information with Facebook content. The user can link adaffix to his or her Facebook account which allows the user to see the up-to-date status and photo of Facebook friends when they call.

For the user’s comfort, adaffix automatically runs in the background of the smartphone and only displays content when appropriate. The user does not have to act, but instead only re-act.

“We believe that adding content to calls in real-time is the most natural and evolutionary element to add to telephony, as it brings the whole experience of phone calling into a new era. We are delighted to launch in the U.S. market with the most innovative directory publisher Yellowbook”, explains Claudia Poepperl, founder and CEO adaffix.

“Partnering with adaffix allows us to introduce an advanced smart phone level of utility to users,” added Mike Wilson, general manager and vice president – digital media at Yellowbook. “One key feature is the app’s ability to auto-suggest alternate local businesses to callers if they get a busy signal or no answer. In critical and time-sensitive situations, hitting re-dial shouldn’t be the only option. ”

adaffix – a free application for smartphones
The application is free of charge for the user. It runs on BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Palm, Samsung, Nokia and SonyEricsson phones that support one of the following mobile operating systems: Android, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian S60 or Windows Mobile. Due to a limitation in multitasking, the iPhone does not support adaffix.

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About adaffix
adaffix enriches the call experience by adding relevant local and social content to calls in real-time. The award-winning mobile application ADAFFIX is based on adaffix’ patent pending technology and is now live in the U.S., Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. For more information visit

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