What is Call 3.0?

Call 3.0 combines phone calls with the social web (Web 2.0) and other relevant content in real time. Today over 4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide generate several billion phone calls every single day. Automatically adding relevant content to calls in a useful and non intrusive way is the most natural evolutionary element to add to telephony, and brings the whole experience of phone calling into a new era.

Semantic call applications feature sophisticated logic-backend data handling technologies and are driven by semantic technologies with powerful data organization, combination, and query capabilities.

Web 2.0 (social web) applications such as social networks, blogs and wikis and so forth are known for fast-growing online data production via their network effects. However, Web 2.0 applications are fairly unsophisticated at preserving the semantics in user generated content, typically limiting themselves to user tagging and basic metadata.

Web 2.0 and semantic call applications complement each other in the way they approach content generation and organization – a scalable authoring and incentive system gets extended into the world of phone calls based on the power of semantic technology – Call 3.0.

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